Medihemp becomes Wedihemp

Update: Due to strict national legislation, the change has already been implemented in the Netherlands, but other European countries will follow in due course.

Recently, Medihemp announced that the name Medihemp will be changed to Wedihemp. In this article we explain why the name change was decided.

In connection with stricter European legislation, additional requirements apply to the designation of certain products. For food supplements, a brand name may no longer contain a reference to health or medicines. The term “Medi” in the name is therefore no longer allowed.

Wedihemp is therefore becoming the new brand name for Medihemp CBD products.


There is, however, a transition period, so that the existing stocks of Medihemp products can be sold. These are then gradually replaced by the new Wedihemp packaging.

Because it is difficult to predict when all products will be provided with the new packaging, we have decided to implement the name change as soon as possible. In the coming period we will therefore supply both Medihemp and Wedihemp products.

Important to know: the brand name changes, but the composition and quality of the CBD products remain the same. The content does not change!