Our CBD Brands

We place high demands on the products we sell. For example, the producing company must be reliable and reputable, the cultivation and production must be 100% organic and independent laboratory reports must be available. From the many CBD brands that exist, we have selected a limited number based on the criteria mentioned.

Because we want to keep our webshop as well-organized as possible, we have selected specific products per segment (oils, capsules, ointment) from these brands which in our opinion offer the best price / quality ratio. This way you will not be overwhelmed by a multitude of similar products and this will make the choice easier for you. The shop thus contains all CBD products for the entire spectrum of applications.

On this page you will find further information about the brands that you can find in our shop.


Wedihemp is a trade name of the Austrian family company Deep Nature Project GmbH, which has specialized for many years in producing CBD products.

These are the characteristics of the company:

  • 100% organic
  • certified organic
  • Skal certified
  • publication of laboratory reports


Hemplife is a Dutch producer of high-quality CBD products. All products are in possession of all necessary certificates.

Charasteristics of this manufacturer are:

  • 100% organic
  • focused on sustainability
  • ISO 9000 and 22000 certified
  • publication of laboratory reports


Hemptouch is a Slovenian company that mainly focuses on the production of CBD-containing care products, such as ointment and lotion. Their starting point is that nature is the best medicine.

Their charasteristics are:

  • 100% organic
  • sustainablity is their guide
  • quality by years of experience