CBD Oil 10% 10ml MediHemp (Cibdol)


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Please note: this product will be discontinued on 1 February 2022!

Our full spectrum house brand CBD oil 10% is made in Switzerland by Cibdol, one of the largest CBD producers in Europe. This allows us to offer our customers a high-quality oil for a very favorable price.

The 10ml bottle contains 920mg of CBD, containing all of the original ingredients of the hemp plant.

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Our CBD Oil 10%

Our house brand CBD oil 10% is a full spectrum oil, produce by Cibdol. This product is a great option if the 5% oil offers insufficient effects. The CBD is extracted with a modern soft CO2 technique. As a result, all the original active substances of the hemp plant have been preserved. The extract is therefore rich in various cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG.

The CBD extract is diluted with organic olive oil, which gives it a mild taste.

Shake the bottle before use and drip the oil under your tongue. It is convenient to do this in front of a mirror so that you can see how many drops are being taken. You can also drip the oil on a teaspoon and then place it under your tongue. Do not swallow for 1 minute to allow the active ingredients to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

The ideal dose varies per person, but a good start is to take 2 drops, twice a day.
Although CBD is activated within 10 to 15 minutes, in some cases it can take several days for effects to be noticed. If after a few days there are still no effects, increase the dose with 1 or 2 drops. This can be repeated every few days until the maximum effect is achieved.
The maximum daily dose stated on the product is a guideline. This can be exceeded if necessary. There is no risk of overdose or side effects.

Use at room temperature; store in a dark place.

Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding!
This is a natural product and effects may vary per person.