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This product contains melotanin, which helps to fall asleep faster.

The 30ml pipette bottle Meladol contains 75 mg CBD, 45 mg Melatonin and 19.5 mg Vitamin B6.

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Meladol by Cibdol is a fluid that combines the power of CBD with the natural hormone melatonin. Melatonin helps to fall asleep faster.

The pineal gland performs human melatonin production and is dependent on the body’s daily biological rhythm. Influences from the environment, as well as many other factors, can severely interfere with a healthy sleep cycle and hence your daily life.

Meladol contains 2,5 mg CBD and 1,5 mg melatonin per ml.

Take 1x 1ml 15 minutes before bedtime. Drop it directly into the mouth or in a glass of water or juice. Immediately swallow. Do not exceed the recommended amount.

Use at room temperature; keep cool and dry. Shelf life: 2 months after opening.

Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding!
This is a natural product and the effect may vary per person.

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